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We are a Premium Luxury dog walking service for Carmel-by-the-Sea and Pebble Beach. Our number one goal is providing great care for your furry friend, your loyal family members, we treat them as our own. We offer professional Dog Walking, Overnight Services and Doggie Day Camp. With our Overnight Service we believe that our program is much healthier than putting your Pet with a Boarding Kennel. Let us design a program that fits your schedule or vacation regime, your Pet will be much happier with us. As Locals living in Carmel, it gives our clients and hotel guest easy access to our home. We’re extremely professional, reliable and responsible. We make sure your pet gets exercise, has fun and gets love.

We have lots of experience with all breeds and understand how each has their own personality. Respect always creates trust for your dog. Our passion is that each furry friend is taken care of and attended to. We limit how many dogs we walk at one time, we’ve seen other dog companies walking up to 8 dogs at one time, one is limping along because its a senior dog and can not keep up with the pack and the dog walker isn’t paying attention. Our experience proves that by limiting the number of dogs in a walk really gives each dog an experience of happiness, balance and harmony. We love dogs and we want them to be happy. Your Pet will be cared for and loved.

We are fully insured.



Our Services


Trail & Beach Hikes

Our furry friend adventures are great exercise and are off-leash which gives them freedom and allows them to socialize with other animals. We also offer ball throwing for those dogs that love fetching. Off leash will be for dogs that are trained and get along with other dogs, this is important, your dog’s safety is number one. On all walks your doggy will receive love and attention. We pride ourselves in keeping our walks limited to two-three dogs at one time. They need our attention therefore we don’t believe that walking 5 to 8 dogs at one time benefits the dogs, they won’t get what they need. Also we look after Senior dogs, they cannot keep up with the younger dogs, we take this into consideration.

Doggie Day Camp

This is for Pet Owners who either work full/part time or maybe have an event for the day that they will not be able to attend to their dog for the day. It could even be an Out of Town Guest staying at one of our local Hotels that cannot bring their dog on an excursion they have planned for a day. We offer Doggie Day Camp so your Furry Friend doesn't have to be alone during the day. They will love it! We are located Downtown Carmel on Santa Fe and 3rd in a beautiful Cottage with an enclosed Courtyard with trees, flowers and lots of space for lounging and playing, so you can drop off and pick up for easy access. All pet owners can be assured that your Pet will be taken care with love and attention in a beautiful cottage in Carmel, with fresh water and treats through the day and lots of play. This also includes a 45 minute to hour walk either on the beach or a hike. *NOTE* upon entering the camp or overnight ~ If you did not apply Flea Protection then there will be an additional fee of $20 and we will apply Frontline to your dog.

Daily Check-in

This is for an owner who is going on vacation and prefers that their dog stay at their home. Or it could be that your dog does not get along with other dogs (not socialized) so staying in their own home is the best solution. What we do is provide two 1 hour walks per day, one in the morning and one in the evening. They will not be bored. Then through-out the day we will do 2 check-ins to make sure your dog is ok and give them attention and love also take them out for a 15 minute walk to relieve and get busy. We feed them and make sure that they have a full bowl of fresh water. We have found that some dogs prefer to be in their own home as long as they can get out for exercise, socialize and have some fun, some actually prefer this. We will make sure your Pet is taken care of and loved while you’re away.

Servicing all Carmel Hotels

Since this is a tourist town there are lots of guests that come into town for events like the US Open, Annual Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance or Pro-Am Golf Tournament and even Weddings. You may decide on an all-day excursion to Big Sur or wine tour and may not want to bring your pet, we’re here to assist. We offer 2 to 8-hour dog sitting, we will take care of your doggie. We are located in Downtown Carmel, very convenient to all Hotels. They will receive a 45 min walk down at the beach or a hike at Quail Lodge. They will have fun, be loved and cared for while you’re on your excursion so you do not have to worry. Your dog will leisurely relax in our Carmel Courtyard after their walk. they will receive a walk every 4 1/2 hours. Our requirement is that your Dog must be friendly, socialized with other dogs, be potty trained and be on a flea and tick program. They will be loved and cared for while they are with me.


The health of your animal is very important to us and also to our other furry friends that we take care of. All animals must be on a “Flea and Tick Program”. If you did not apply Flea Protection then we will apply Frontline for an additional fee of $20. This is number one requirement or we will not be able to take your furry friend. As you know flea and ticks are very dangerous and spread like wild fire and we take a lot of pride in keeping all of our friends safe and our home very clean with no fleas. Also vaccinations “must” be up-to-date and required in order for us to service your Pet.

On-Leash Hikes

We also offer on-leash dog walking for those dogs that may be a little more fragile like senior doggies or are not socialized with other dogs. We have an array of different walks for our on-leash dogs so they don’t get bored and that your pet will love. We limit how many dogs we walk at one time, we believe that it is impossible to give the dogs emotional support and attention.


All overnights are at our home in Carmel-by-the-Sea in a safe, clean and fun environment, a wonderful cottage with French doors leading to a large enclosed Courtyard with a heat lamp that they can snuggle up to with pillows and blankets, if it gets a little chilly. Or they can leisurely relax outdoors or come inside and relax on pillows, whatever they like. If you’d like to see our environment, please make an appointment. This program is for dogs that are socialized and get along with other dogs. We have tasty Dinner Menus that you can choose for your dog, everything is homemade and healthy. All dogs receive 3 - 1 hour beach/hikes walks per day (included in Price). They will not be bored and they will have a great time. Lots of exercise is a happy dog! *NOTE* upon entering the camp or overnight ~ If you did not apply Flea Protection then there will be an additional fee of $20 and we will apply Frontline to your dog.


Grooming is shampooing and conditioning your dog, there is no cutting involved. We brush and sometimes blow-dry if your dog needs it. We’ve found that lots of our clients want there dog cleaned before they come back from their vacation. We use only organic shampoos that are safe for your dog and leave them smelling wonderful. Sometimes we use a mild flea shampoo that helps to keep the fleas off which we recommend.

We’ve been using Carmel Dog Walkers for our wonderful Bungie for the past several months. Susanna is absolutely wonderful, and Bungie loves her. We are so happy we finally found a dog walker we can trust and depend on for our beloved Bungie. Susanna is compassionate and diligent with Bungie and this means everything to us.
— Jack





Trail & Beach Hikes

This is a 45 minute to an hour walk. It is a vigorous walk/hike that will for sure have your dog tired. We will either walk them at the beach or provide a hike at Quail Lodge. We do offer longer walks for those dogs that really need the exercise, we’ve found that dogs that are 2-6 years old need a good 1-hour and 20 minutes walk/hike or even fetching the ball because they have high energy and need the exercise. The longer walks start at $60. If you have a second dog the price will be an additional $15.


On-Leash Hikes

Our on-leash walk is 45 minute to an hour. Depending on the dog we can either go for a hike around Carmel Cottages or at the Carmel River Beach. If you would like a longer walk an 1hour and 20 minutes would be $60. If you have a second dog the price will be an additional $15. If dogs are both over 80-lbs then the charge for second dog is $20.




Doggie Day Camp

We offer Doggie Day Camp from 9:00am to 6pm, we charge $35 for the first hour, this includes a 45 to an 1 hour walk, each hour thereafter is $20 an hour, after 6 PM our hourly is $35.00 per hour, these are our after hour rates (after 6 pm). All dogs receive a rigorous walk or beach run during their time with us and lots of play time! Every 4 and half hours they are with us they will receive another 1 hour walk (included in price) so they get out of the house and get exercise. This program is Monday through Sunday, ends at 6pm so you will need to pick up your dog or for an additional fee we can drop your dog off at your home/hotel in Carmel. If you need after 6pm please inquire to see if we are available, all after hour rates are $35 per hour. *NOTE* upon entering the camp or overnight ~ If you did not apply Flea Protection then there will be an additional fee of $20 and we will apply Frontline to your dog.



All overnights receive three 45 minute to an hour walk (beach/hike) and we offer an exclusive & delicious Dinner Menu that is all homemade and is very healthy. your Dog will not be bored and will get tons of exercise. There are requirements: All dogs must get along with other dogs and be socialized, be completely potty trained and be on a Flea and Tick program or we will not be able to accommodate them. We give our full attention to your dog so we have limited space available. Out of town guest we’ll provide food, blankets and bed to make your Pet comfortable. Local Pet owners can provide food, bed and blankets (optional). We will text you photos daily of your Pet while they are with us so you can see they are having fun and they’re happy. *NOTE* upon entering the camp or overnight ~ If you did not apply Flea Protection then there will be an additional fee of $20 and we will apply Frontline to your dog.




Daily Check-ins

This Program fits Pet owners who are going on vacation but feel that they would prefer their dog stay in their own home or it could be that your Pet is not socialized and cannot be around other Dogs or you just don’t want them sitting in an enclosed boarding vet hospital all day long. Either way, we will accommodate your Dog so they feel comfortable and loved with enough attention and exercise so they do not feel lonely.



This includes shampooing and conditioning your pet no cutting is involved. They will be nice and clean on your arrival back home and smelling like flowers. Will brush and blow dry if needed. *NOTE* upon entering the camp or overnight ~ If you did not apply Flea Protection then there will be an additional fee of $20 and we will apply Frontline to your dog.



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Thank you for contacting Carmel Dog Walkers. The owner, Susanna von Hoover has lots of experience with animals especially dogs. She believes dogs are an integral part of the family, there is nothing more rich then the loving memories that are created with your furry friend that will last forever. PAYMENTS: We accept check or cash.

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